Your Career at Yellow Cab

At Yellow Cab, we offer exciting job opportunities to individuals looking to start a flexible and thriving career. Our professional cab drivers have the ability to create their own schedules and run their own business; all with the security of being backed by an established organization.

Since purchasing our first two taxi cabs in 1967, Yellow Cab has grown to be the leading transportation provider in Arizona. Our fleet includes over 850 cars, and our drivers work across the entire state. Along the way, we've developed strong, loyal partnerships with established companies in Phoenix and Tucson, including Sky Harbor International Airport and the Tucson International Airport.

As a result, Yellow Cab is seeking driven, friendly, and hard-working individuals to join our team.

Whether you're interested in becoming a professional driver or dispatcher, you can start your career at Yellow Cab.

Taxi Drivers

"Driving here at Yellow Cab gives me the freedom and flexibility to make money at my pace. Being my own boss allows me to work harder, the more I work the more I can bring in. There's nothing else quite like this, the sites I see and the people I meet every day is an adventure in its own."

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Sedan Drivers

"Being able to offer a higher level of service, wearing a black suit and tie helps make me stand out from the crowd. When I meet someone for the first time I feel they are more relaxed and comfortable with what I have to offer. An executive sedan can chauffeur you in style, don't worry about the hustle and bustle of traffic, sit back and relax why I do all the driving."

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Medical Drivers

"Driving for AAA Medex has been very rewarding, being able to help get people to their doctors appointment and not having to worry about sitting at a desk all day. This gives me the opportunity to get out and help my fellow person and see different parts of the state. Just yesterday I went to Flagstaff to pick up somebody - that was such a nice city."

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"Coming to work every day is exciting because I love my job and the people I work with. I enjoy interacting with people and this allows me to do so, but in a safe working environment with flexible shifts."

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